• Machining Automation

    Big flexibility, high efficiency, enhance-
    ment of working environmental quality

  • Logistics automation

    To provide quality, continuous, safe and efficient solutions

  • Smart factory/MES-APS system

    To serve smart factory, provide multi-industry and multi-field solutions

Industry automation

covers Auto, high speed trains, aerospace etc. fields. special machine division businesses including: upgrading of BIW automation line, grinding automation line for cylinder block

Provide professional support and after-sales service

Intelligence platform:

Based on the years of experience on intelligent manufacturing equipment and industry robots application, utilized the simulation technology of all 3D modeling, ergonomics, and manufacturing process flow. We construct an intelligence platform

Brief introduction of company

Sinovo Automation Technologies Co.,Ltd. located in Dalian high tech development zone, It mainly focus on the factory intelligent manufacturing automation, and integration of control level of automation and execution level of informatization. The businesses covers industries of shipbuilding