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Application case

I.Air spraying robot

Air spraying robot is called low pressure air spraying, spraying paint machine relys on low pressure air in the spouting muzzle to form atomizing air acting on the part’s surface. Compared with hand brush operation, air spraying has no brush mark, with uniform working plane, and short working time, it can effectively shorten the construction period. But air spraying has splash phenomenon, there is paint material waste. In the near distance view, there will be a very fine granular surface. Generally, air spraying takes general air compressor used in the decoration industry as air resource. It has the advantages of multi-purpose and low investment cost. The market also has pumping type , self-drop type air spraying machine and other special spraying machinery.

II.Airless spraying robot 

Airless spraying robot can be used in high viscosity paint operation, the paint edge is clear. Airless spraying even can be used for some coating project which has the boundary requirements. According to its mechanical mechanism, it can be divided into pneumatic airless sprayer, electric airless sprayer, internal combustion type airless spraying machine, automatic spraying machine etc.. Note also that if on the metal surface spray treatment, it is best to use a metallic paint (enamel type).

Main advantages


(1) The scope of work is large.

(2) The inner surface and outer surface coating can be realized.

(3) A variety of models of mixed product line can be realized, such as sedan, SUV, pickup trucks etc.. mixed product line.

2. Improve the quality of spraying and the usage of materials.

(1) Profiling spraying has precise trajectory, the appearance quality of spraying coating also is improved.

(2) Reduce the amount of spraying and cleaning solvent, improve the utilization of the material.

3, Easy to operate and maintain.

(1) It can program offline, greatly shorten on-site debugging time.

(2) It has plug-in structure and modular design, can achieve rapid installation and replacement of components, greatly shorten the maintenance time.

(3) All parts can easy access and maintain.

In the automobile spray painting process, the spraying robot is more and more widely used, its great advantage is that it can be used in the mixed product line with a variety of automobile elevates the level of spray painting automation and production efficiency, the six or seven axis motion system is more flexible than the traditional reciprocating machine and automatic spraying machine.

In the automobile spray painting line, before any new models in the trial production and batch production, all process parameters are to be set or equipment of spray painting are to be adjusted, such as sling fulcrum, mechanized skid system, Robot Spraying profiling and parameter settings, in which the robot spraying profile and parameter setting is particularly important, because floating coat, top coat and varnish layer on the BIW(body in white) are all painted by robots.