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Application case

I.Vehicle body conveying automation

Conveyor line connects each functional unit efficiently in the workshop to realize the transportation of the parts, components and whole vehicle. Conveyor line is composed of a series of different conveying equipments, such as rolling machine, fork shift and clamping device, lifter,belt moving machine,lifting device , electric moving machine,rotating platform, RFID equipment.

II.Handling/Palletizing robot system

The efficiency of non-machining procedure, such as handling, palletizing and unstacking work, plays an important part of the whole manufacturing process. Utilization of robots has the advantages of high precision, flexibility and efficiency. 

Sinovo Automation Technologies has the best quality and advanced technology concept, combines MES system with feet on the ground to completely eliminate the waiting, lack and blocking production process, and improve the utilization of equipment and overall efficiency of the workshop.

III.Nissan Transportation and Warehousing System

Employed The left /right door of cross suspension line and the front /rear cover conveyor line, it has realized high efficient conveying of parts assembly. Robots application in the loading and unloading stack type warehouse  makes the whole line running with flexibility and agility.