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Application case

I.Mold processing robot system

Mold processing has features of multi-varieties& small-batch, it needs fast response to mold test and repair. Robot not only act as "coolies", but also requires high flexibility and adaptability. Based on the rich experience of mold machining and processing, we take fixture tray, visual guidance and other advanced technology and ideas to become mold manufacturing expert.

II.Automobile wheel grinding work station

Automobile wheel hub polishing robot cooperative workstation achieves working efficiency and consistancy. Loading and unloading robot picks up the work parts from the servo roller conveyor line according to the grinding cycle time and places the parts onto the positioning stage accurately. The grinding robot starts working. When the work finished, loading and unloading robot will remove the finish parts and place the new work parts.

III.Engine block to burr & grinding

Deburring with robots has the advantages of high efficiency, good consistency. It can avoid worker long term working in the harmful environment and lower the requirements for the works manual operation skill. To use visual recognition, it helps positioning and grabbing, float grinding head will protect the parts surface and improve the accuracy. The experience of soft polishing process of the trajectory programming will guarantee the grinding effect, and prevent the secondary burr.

IV.Mobile shell polishing workstation

With high efficiency, perfect polishing solution, fast and convenient change type, mobile shell polishing workstation has provided a strong support for the rapid market response of customers.

V.Precision grinding of small hole of flowmeter 

Domestic first precision deburring robot workstation for small holes. Deburring for the intersecting line area of boss hole and center hole of flowmeter has the features of small holes and high precision requirement. It needs high positioning and repeat positioning accuracy.We have accumulated rich grinding/polishing experience in the field kitchen appliances, hardware (faucet, the handle of the door)etc with robots application.

VI.Transmission line main steel structure project

 As one of important affiliate accessories, main steel structure of the automobile transmission assembly line has complex structure,short production cycle. The installation is difficult and needs high precision and fine appearance. Through the joint efforts and coordination of our people, we complete the project smoothly and get positive feedbacks on delivery time, site installation and quality.