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Grinding/Polishing robot R&D

Robot grinding/polishing system consists of intelligent industrial robots, polishing machines, force control equipment, fixture and other peripheral auxiliary equipment hardware system, robot collision avoidance and other software systems. The integrated automation system of robot grinding/polishing is composed of a variety of hardware and software systems of robot grinding set to be an interrelated, unified and coordinated control system, in order to realize the automation of robot grinding , polishing and deburring. Therefore, the main work flow of the robot polishing automation project is as project plan, design and manufacture, the prototype test, field installation and commissioning, production.

The schematic design of robot polishing project is the premise of the project implementation, it is  also the key to the project success. Therefore, the design of the project plan must meet the  customers' requirements on grinding, polishing and deburring, and the most efficient robot automatic polishing solution can be offered.

Fully understanding the customer demand, we provide the project design scheme of system integration, including design of grinding robot and peripheral equipment, hardware configuration, layout plan, control software and hardware and central control system (central electrical control cabinet ).

(1) Robot selection

A. Robot model selection depends on robot's load and working radius as well as the accuracy and speed

B.According to the cost performance, robot brand is selected

(2)Grinding machine design

A. According to the grinding process, belt machine, brush machine, and polishing wheel of grinding equipment are designed to fully meet the requirements of grinding, polishing, deburring of coarse and fine machining

B. Grinding tools mainly include milling tool, grinding tool, deburr tool;

(3)Design of the robot terminal shaft. 

Robot terminal shaft is used for fixed power spindle and the gripper

A. Power spindle  

It can adopt different power and rotational speed of electrical or pneumatic spindle to meet various grinding processing needs; 

B. Gripper design

Single, double or four grippers are to be selected according to the weight of parts and action requirements; the mechanical clamping or vacuum adsorption or electromagnetic gripper's selection depends on the shape of the workpiece.

(4)Central control cabinet and central system design

Fully meet the requirements of the automatic processing of polishing robot units, it achieves the desired grinding effect by utilizing central control robot and grinding machines and other peripheral equipment.


According to the design scheme, we make the 3D dynamic simulation of robot, the reachability of the robot is reviewed to avoid the risk of interference between the robot and the peripheral equipment. 

After the confirmation by the customer, detailed design and specific structure design are implemented.  Two-dimensional drawing and parts procurement and manufacturing, assembly will be executed after the drawings are reviewed with customers. 

Gripper , loading and unloading mechanism, electric control cabinet and other peripheral equipment parts are fabricated by design drawings, the finished peripheral equipment, manufacturing parts are assembled into finished products.