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MES-APS system

    Sinovo MES system, based on Germany FAUSER products, is an integration of overseas advanced management philosophy and domestic customers needs. After our painstaking research and development, we tailor digital MES system for Chinese manufacturing enterprises. With its intuitive graphical interface, advanced functional scheduling & collaborative manufacturing, the system has  received many positive feedbacks from discrete manufacturing companies in China. It has been successfully applied in many enterprises.

Five key  technologies:

1. Advanced architecture, fast implementation

2. Graphical advanced automatic production

3. Automation data acquisition

4. Integration collaborative manufacturing

5. Transparent decision support

Problem solving:

1. Scentific and efficient production scheduling

It's very clear for the effect of production scheduling by various ways.

Fast production rescheduling, efficient calculation speed

Quick split of production planning &  order process

Reasonable adjustment on the conflict of operation plan

Improve operation plan according to priority of delivery schedule.

Can be integrated with existing  ERP/PPC systems, such as SAP R/3,Brain,Baan,Navision,proALPHA

2. Economic benefits

Once the system is installed and used, you will find daily management work improved greatly. The benefit of JobDISPO scheduling system is very obvious, below are some data from our customers after system installation:

Manufacturing information quantity increases 5-80%

Production efficiency improves 5-70%

Quality planning increases 5-70%

Production transparency  increases 20-90%

Economic benefits increases 2-20%

Manufacturing flexibility increases 5-50%

Production cycle decreases 5-40%

Outsourcing costs save 5-15%

Setup costs lower 5-40%

Crisis and emergency handling costs decrease 20-90%

Production management cost decreases 5-25%

Production planning cost reduces 5-30%

On-time delivery rate increases 5-40%