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>> "Airbus" Pakistan Rail 1 Qinhuangdao test run successful

On 2 August Pakistan Railway 1 test vehicle is ready for the road test.

On the same day, the "air bus" -Pakistan Railway No. 1 test vehicle, with China's own design and development and full intellectual property rights, started a comprehensive test in Hebei Qinhuangdao Beidaihe District. This test included braking distance, friction coefficient, power consumption, the relationship between road, people and cars. 据巴铁科技发展有限公司介绍,巴铁1号试验车为一节车厢,车长22米,宽7.8米,高4.8米,额定载客数为300人。 According to Pakistan Railway Technology Development Co., Ltd., Pakistan Railway No. 1 test vehicle is a car, 22 meters long, 7.8 meters wide, 4.8 meters high, rated capacity is for 300 passengers. 车厢内有55个座位,乘客区设有20根竖立扶手,满足高峰时段不同身高站立乘客的需求。 There are 55 seats inside the passenger area with 20 erection of handrails to accommodate the needs of passengers standing at different heights during the peak hours. 

At the same time, the body is equipped with multiple LCD TV screens which are convenient for passengers’ viewing at all angles.  In addition, four dynamic maps have been installed to allow passengers to view traffic conditions throughout the city. “Ba-iron” is a new type of public transport vehicle which large capacity. It’s designed for urban trunk road over the surface, relying on electric drive, with large capacity wide-body elevated tram design, uplift structure design for upper passengers, its lower hollow part allows a normal driving height of 2 meters below the vehicle.